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Hybrid Treatment

Through Weill Cornell, I am able to offer in-person visits, telepsychiatry visits through the Cornell Connect platform, or a combination of both. Telepsychiatry can only be conducted with patients physically located in New York state. All treatment whether in-person or virtual is HIPAA compliant and every effort is made to protect your health information.  

Brief Phone Consultation

A 10- to 15-minute free consultation will be held for all new patients to briefly discuss psychiatric history and to arrange a formal evaluation. Neither this consultation nor the initial diagnostic evaluation establish a doctor-patient relationship. This relationship will be established if both parties agree to pursue treatment after the diagnostic evaluation.

Initial Diagnostic Psychiatric Evaluation

I provide a comprehensive diagnostic psychiatric evaluation that is split into a 60-minute session followed by a 45-minute session, typically one week apart. These sessions allow me to gain an understanding of your current symptoms, past psychiatric and medical history, developmental history, and treatment goals. As a part of the evaluation, we will discuss diagnostic impressions and treatment options together, and decide whether we will continue working together. Completion of the formal consultation is not a guarantee of future treatment.

Individual Treatment

My approach to individual treatment focuses on biological, psychological, and social contributors to patient experience, symptoms, and goals. I primarily work with patients in a psychodynamic psychotherapy frame involving one to two 45-minute sessions per week, either exclusively, or in combination with medications when appropriate. Based on individual needs and goals, I also incorporate cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based interventions as part of a supportive psychotherapy. Treatment duration tends to be open-ended and decided collaboratively.

For patients who prefer not to meet on a weekly basis or who are already in treatment with another therapist, I am open to discussing treatment that is more focused on psychopharmacologic interventions with monthly 30-minute sessions. In these sessions I will prescribe and adjust medications, and monitor their risk-benefit profiles and potential side effects.


Psychoanalysis consists of 3-4 weekly sessions and is open-ended. This work is intended for individuals seeking deep understanding and change in the ways they experience themselves and other people. Psychoanalysis is a powerful treatment modality, but it is not for everyone. If this is of interest to you, please let me know so that we can discuss feasibility and further details. As I will be a candidate undergoing psychoanalytic training, I will be receiving supervision from experienced psychoanalysts at the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research.

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